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The recurrent issue of damage to hockey nets caused by steel pegs is a significant concern for both players and rink operators. Traditional steel pegs, commonly used in securing hockey nets, are known to cause various forms of damage. This damage can manifest as tearing, fraying, or complete detachment of the netting, thereby compromising its structural integrity and reducing its overall lifespan. Such damage detracts from the net’s aesthetic quality and, more critically, undermines its functional safety during gameplay. Furthermore, this damage necessitates frequent and costly repairs or replacements, adding to the maintenance burden of rink operators.

Given these challenges, there is a clear and pressing need for a solution that can mitigate or eliminate the hassles and inconveniences associated with net damage from net pegs.

The Peg Pocket addresses the these issues by providing an effective protective device for hockey nets. It is a feature of the present The Peg Pocket to provide a hockey net design which specifically targets the protection of hockey nets from the damage caused by steel net pegs.

The Peg Pocket introduces a device comprised of two circular plates made of durable aluminum. These plates, each featuring a center opening, are designed to interlock via a collar mechanism, allowing them to be securely fastened around the net. The device measuring four inches in diameter and 3/4 inch in thickness, is crafted for easy and seamless integration onto the net, ensuring a secure fit without impeding the net’s performance. For enhanced strength and stability, the device utilizes stainless steel hardware, including sets of four screws, nuts, and washers, strategically positioned at 90-degree intervals for robust attachment.

The Peg Pocket allows the hockey net peg to be secured with the net in place without inflicting any damage. Adapted to be bolted onto the horizontal netting, the present The Peg Pocket provides a designated and damage-free spot for inserting the hockey peg. In doing so, a convenient and reliable method for anchoring the hockey net is provided while preserving the integrity of the netting.

The Peg Pocket addresses the concerns regarding net fraying or damage due to peg insertion, thereby significantly improving the durability and safety of hockey nets.

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