The Peg Pocket-XL

The Peg Pocket-XL


Do you have an XL peg then the XL Peg Pocket is your solution. This version of The Peg Pocket can accommodate a peg up to 1.9” in diameter.

The Peg Pocket allows the hockey net peg to be secured with the net in place without inflicting any damage. Adapted to be bolted onto the horizontal netting, the present The Peg Pocket provides a designated and damage-free spot for inserting the hockey peg. In doing so, a convenient and reliable method for anchoring the hockey net is provided while preserving the integrity of the netting.

Prevents Net Damage: The Peg Pocket effectively eliminates tearing, fraying, and detachment of hockey nets caused by steel pegs, preserving the net’s structural integrity and aesthetic quality.

Enhances Safety: By preventing damage to nets, the Peg Pocket ensures a safer playing environment for hockey players, reducing the risk of accidents related to compromised netting.

Reduces Maintenance Costs: With the Peg Pocket, the need for frequent and costly net repairs or replacements is significantly decreased, saving rink operators time and money.

Easy to Install: Designed for seamless integration with existing hockey nets, the Peg Pocket is easy to install, requiring no specialized tools or extensive modifications to the net or rink.

Durable Construction: Made from durable aluminum and stainless steel hardware, the Peg Pocket is built to withstand the rigors of intense hockey gameplay, ensuring long-lasting protection and stability for hockey nets.

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